Feelings for Sale

not just food.

Because the culinary industry in our country is flourishing, entrepreneurs and aspiring restaurateurs must step up their game if they want to survive. Each food establishment in the metro has a character of its own – there are dog cafés, library cafés and various themed restaurants that aim to sell their quirky atmospheres, aside from the menu. But nothing prepared me for where we ate last Sunday.

The eating place had feelings.

Now I do not know how much of a trend emotions are (especially the sentiments of despair and frustration) in other countries, but from where I come from, it has become a brand of some sort. We call it, hugot.

hugot words

This small black and yellow (black and yellow) themed restaurant had it’s servers going crazy.

The fun began when we ordered a beverage at the counter. These drinks imposed corresponding challenges to employees who brought them to your table. (It depends on what kind of soda you order, but you have the luxury of choice whether to witness them perform a gayuma chant for you, watch them act out their reactions to scenarios you give them or smile at the way they display in motion your feelings for the day.)

Rather creative and gutsy. Hey, whatever paid the bills.

They had witty captions all over the place! I actually enjoyed reading them.

They served different kind of burgers, and patty combinations that came with it. If not for the crazy acting, this place was of ordinary standard (sorry, just being honest -_-). But it has become a popular go-to restaurant for students at the nearby universities! on the plus side! I think it was really the acting.

With everything said and done, it was the company that mattered anyway! All I know was that I did savor my burger, and I delighted in the people I was with. AND IT WAS A SUNDAY! I love Sundays.



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