Burgers and Burritos

saved my life. 


I am not so much of a fan of either, but on a Friday of the same month last year, my cravings for both led me to a conversation that changed my life forever.

I met my future husband. 

We reconnected over comfort food slobbered with mustard and ketchup. From that time I knew life just got sweeter because I met a friend, who became so much more months after.


Over the course of time, we’d still visit the place where we first had our first real conversation. Shared stories have changed; we went from a few inches apart to undeniable comfort and closeness but our food remained the same – him, a hefty burger, while I had my usual cheese quesadilla. Nothing but the expected, at different times and different occasions.



It was not our favorite restaurant, but we always felt sentimental about it.


After everything I have done wrong in life, I finally did something right.

taken at Army Navy.

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