Struggle is real.

I cannot remember a time I stopped shooting (a photo, just to be a clear hahaha). I was just not posting all of them. “Memory full” was a common problem I had to deal with. It is like that itch I cannot seem to scratch to my heart’s content. My other photos – they were kept in a folder, hidden from the public eye (maybe because they were too flat, and basic for my liking). Yet I knew if I wanted to perfect my shots, I had to practice. At first, I had so many setbacks (and I still do) – I did not have the right camera, the right lens, the right phone…it seemed like nothing was going right haha (redundant). Vsco and Lightroom seemed to be timeworn and unoriginal nowadays, but I really had no choice. I had to make do.

“it’s pretty baby, keep going…” dad would say. “keep going, keep going…” dad’s a charm.  Dads…every girl’s secret (and not so secret) weapon.

I knew I could not stop, because I loved doing it.

I heard Emma Watson say, “it’s like when you love something so much, you want to add justice to it,” and nothing seems more real than that.

to creative people – struggling and accomplished…here’s to better days for all of us. May we always find that strength and inspiration to add justice to visions only our minds will understand.

how to be yourself in a digital world where every person seems to have perfectly curated whitewashed collections. But that’s just it…be yourself, because you will never stand out if you are just…well, a copy.

pat yourself on the back, and be proud because getting the courage to post your work for all the world to see (whether you garner likes or not at all), is an accomplishment in itself, esé.

quoting Macklemore – “the greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot.”

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