Breakfast but not really


I am not used to eating breakfast because I am so lazy to fix myself one. At times, I would just get any food out of the refrigerator (no matter how ridiculous it may sound to be eating it as the first meal of the day). This morning, it was ube jam.

It is purple yam mixed with milk – a delicacy we Filipinos call, ube (ooh-beh).

André and I stopped by a known local food store down south (can also be found up north) to buy this coupled with other traditional sweets we call home. But out of all the kakanins (native delicacies) I have tasted over the years, this would have to be my favorite.

We are fond of creating our desserts mixed with  rice flour, glutinous rice,coconut milk, soy, cassava and lots of sugar. I do not think there is a specific time we can eat these munchies (I have them for breakfast!), but we surely pass them around during special occasions like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or birthdays.

My dog was licking my plate clean after I used it. She has been eyeing on it since I opened the lid of the container. She has taken a special liking for root crops. 

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